The Secret to Cleaning Your Wax Warmers

The Secret to Cleaning Your Wax Warmers


The Secret to Cleaning Your Wax Warmers

Wax warmers are the perfect touch to any home. Not only do they provide a flame free way to enjoy the fragrances of candles, but they can also fit in to any home decor. The style options are endless. Our favorite wax melts are beautifully hand decorated with dried floral and herbs, colorful sprinkles or even gorgeous glitter. You might think that the beautiful decorations would make a mess in your warmer but cleaning out the wax warmer is actually pretty easy.

Does thinking about cleaning out the old wax hold you back? Or do you ever wonder what the best way is to clean your wax warmer? Here are 3 of my favorite methods to clean your wax warmer and exchange scents. Glitter doesn't stand a chance!

Methods to Cleaning Your Wax Warmer

Method 1: Cotton Balls and Alcohol

Simply place a few cotton balls into your warming dish while the wax is still melted. Watch as the wax is effortlessly absorbed by the cotton balls. Throw away the cotton balls or sit them aside to use as fire starters later! You can also use one more cotton ball with a touch of rubbing alcohol to wipe the warming dish clean.

Method 2: Disposable Wax Warmer Liners

Just use disposable wax warmer liners! These liners are affordable and simply sit inside of your wax warmer with the melted wax inside. When you are ready to switch out the wax, allow the wax to harden. Once the wax has cooled and hardens, you can easily pop old wax out of the liner. The glitter also hardens inside of the wax and pops right out with the old wax. No mess left behind! Check out these affordable wax melt liners.

Method 3: Flip Dish Wax Warmers

This is probably the easiest way of all. These stylish warmers are similar to the liners. Only the warmer dish is removable and made of silicone. Simply allow the wax to cool and harden and it pops right out of the removable silicone wax dish! This way also takes care of any glitter or sprinkles that might be included

    These methods are all easy and efficient, making them perfect for everyone. Cleaning your wax warmer doesn't need to be a hassle, and you can have your home smelling great in no time! Check out this gorgeous Flip Dish Warmer that is sure to match any home decor.


    No matter which method you choose to clean your warmer,  your home can smell great without the stress of a candle flame. Support small business and local makers for the best quality of wax and fragrance. Of course, our favorite decorated soy wax melts come from Memory Jar Scented Creations. Each melt is hand decorated and beautiful. Try out the Cartoons & Cereal for a lovely nostalgic scent that will fill your home for days!


    So what are you waiting for? Get your wax warmers and wax melts today, and enjoy the fragrances of candles without the flame. You won't regret it!