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Memory Jar Scented Creations

Dream Goddess | Amesthyst Crystals + Dried Chamomile Lavender & Jasmine Petals | 2.7oz Clamshell | Soy Wax Melts | The Nostalgia Collection

Subtle Berry + Black Orchid + Ylang + Cedarwood + Lavender + Vanilla Musk - with a touch of real small amethyst crystals, dried chamomile, jasmine and lavender petals.

Relax and unwind in the evenings by putting one or two cubes of Dream Goddess soy wax melts into your warmer. If the unique and dreamy scent isn't enough, enjoy the added tranquility of amethyst crystals, dried chamomile, lavender, and jasmine petals. 🌾🌙🌸

Amethyst - helps to quiet the mind, remove negative energies and influence dreams. Amethyst is even thought to help with insomnia and protect against nightmares. 

Chamomile - promotes relaxation and dreams

Jasmine - promotes sleep and cuts down on restlessness 

Lavender - promotes more restful and deep sleep while cutting down on nightmares

*** Memory Jar Scented Creations does not advise for you to sleep with your wax warmer turned on. These can be used in the evening while winding down before bed. Follow all manufacturers instructions on your wax warmers, including time limits while using our products***

Our soy wax melts are hand decorated and poured in small batches in a small town in Southern Indiana 🇺🇸

I put a lot of time and love💙 into each and every hand-made wax melt. Decorations, color, and labels may vary from product to product. Wax colors & embeds may frost, fade, or bleed over time. There may be minor imperfections due to this but the product quality will still remain the same.

Strength of scent can vary depending on room size, warmer type, wax amount, as well as various other factors. Some examples include running fans and open windows. Keep in mind that not all scents are made to be as strong as others.

Wax products will melt if left in the heat. Please do not leave your packages outside in the heat or direct sunlight🌞 for very long. I am not responsible for damages that may occur during shipping. No returns, refunds, or exchanges. This is a handmade product.


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Guy Glendenning

Dream Goddess | Amesthyst Crystals + Dried Chamomile Lavender & Jasmine Petals | The Nostalgia Collection